Self-Regulation Celebration Cupcake

Okay so I started writing this blog post earlier in the week when things were going pretty well, and then the last few days happened, which were TERRIBLEEE and I’ve been in a constant state of sensory overload and unable to do any regulation whatsoever. But anyhoo, that’s recovery isn’t it, ups and downs, and so here is a blog post about how last week Mum bought me a cupcake to celebrate how well I’ve been self-regulating lately!

As you probably know, I have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a neurological condition that affects the way my senses interpret and process information. I’ve been in this sort of break down state for about a year and a half now, where my SPD has shot through the roof, and everything feels very heightened and intense for me all the time.

This is pretty hard to manage, especially as we so far haven’t been able to find a specialist in New Zealand to help with SPD, so Mum and I are doing lots of researching and experimenting on our own. And although it’s slow going, knowledge is definitely power, and the more I learn, the more I seem to be able to regulate my sensory state. I still can’t manage to like, go out anywhere, or do anything too intense, but this past week I had a few days where I woke up feeling overwired and I managed to calm my senses down enough to get through the day without a meltdown – major progress!

One of the things I learned in sensory modulation therapy (an anxiety treatment – before I even knew I had SPD!) is that sucking a lollipop or drinking a thick drink through a straw can calm your system down, so this cupcake is super thematic! Hooray for things getting a tiny bit better.


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