A tiny happy meal adventure.

Today Mum and I had a tiny outing to Maccas 😄 I haven’t left the house much lately because things have been a bit rough the past few weeks – so I’m easing myself back into going out with SUPER tiny adventures. Going out to McDonalds may not sound like the epitome of excitement, but it was a pretty big achievement for me today!

We wanted to go because we saw that they had Peter Rabbit happy meals and they’re so so cute! I indulged my inner child and had a happy meal for lunch (and dipped my fries in my sweet and sour sauce).

They turned the happy meal box into Mr McGregor’s house, with little perforated doors and windows that open and close, and little pop out characters on the back! How adorable is this?!

It also came with this little pop up pathway, and stickers of other characters to stick onto it!

AND this adorable, tiny and totally impossible to actually play Peter Rabbit foosball game 😄

It all combines to make this adorable paper play set!

I would have been SO into this as a kid, I loved paper dolls. I had a such a fun time posing them and photographing them all this afternoon! Inner child successfully indulged 😄 What’s your favourite way to treat your inner child? Let me know in the comments!

  1. MadsLover93 says:

    Ahhhh what that is such a good happy meal!? So many different types of toys and stuff! I also love to get happy meals 🙂 There aren’t any vegetarian options for happy meals but with the new screens for ordering you can swap out the meat patty in a cheeseburger for a fish patty and have a fillet of fish happy meal 😉

    • Sarah Alleyn says:

      Right?! The ultimate happy meal! Ah how great that you can do that now! I love the screen things 😊

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