When I Get Better

The first song in my new series - covers of songs about mental health! This fantastic cong by Sarah Jickling And Her Good Bad Luck explores what it would be like to live without bipolar disorder and anxiety, and what getting better really means when you have a chronic mental illness.
Welcome to the first Mental Health Session, woop woop!! I’m so so excited to be starting this series, and to be kicking it off with this wonderful song, “When I Get Better”, by Sarah Jickling And Her Good Bad Luck.

In this song, Sarah fantasises about what life would be like without mental illness, while grappling with what getting better really means.

In an interview with Spill Magazine, she said “In the end, I realized that all of the songs led me to this place of acceptance. I learned to accept my illness, and make peace with what it means to have bipolar disorder. The album is called When I Get Better because it was through songwriting that I realized there is no “better,” that recovery isn’t a straight line, but that there is beauty in that.”

The whole album is incredible, beautiful, and well worth a listen. You can find it on Spotify, or you can buy this adorable zine she made which includes a digital download code!

The shirt I’m wearing today is from The Positive Page, a website fostering mental health awareness and self care. Check out their Instagram account for self care tips, encouragement and gorgeous mental health products!



Verse 1:

When I get better you’ll be mine

And we’ll go dancing all the time

And I’ll be beautiful and thin

My chest will show a little skin

And I will never think of dying

Or call you up at midnight crying

No I will only laugh and smile

And you’ll feel careless like a child


Chorus 1:

And you’ll say that you can’t live without me

And you’ll write all your songs about me

When I get better

If I get better


Verse 2:

When I get better I swear it’s true

I will be taking care of you

My cool hands will soothe your aches

I’ll always give and never take

And I will always take my pills

And I will always pay my bills

And you will have nothing to fear

You’ll be so happy when I’m near


Chorus 2:

And you’ll say you love me

Say you need me

And I’ll say it right back believe me

When I get better

If I get better

  1. Divya says:

    ahhh i don’t have the words to describe how I feel watching this.
    But it is lovely seeing your face. Thank you for sharing. <3

  2. Verona Govender says:

    So good to hear your amazing voice my beautiful friend 😀

  3. Yvonne Alleyn says:

    This is a special milestone.I am so proud of you…always have been..and these days more than ever.

  4. Yolanda Duncan says:

    Sounding lovely Sarah, sweet interpretation of these lyrics.

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