How Bad Yogi & PBYP Helped My Mental Health

Bad Yogi (aka Erin Motz) and her Perfect Body Yoga Program (PBYP) have been such an important part of my mental health journey. Erin has helped me through my depression, anxiety and body image struggles with these accessible, at home classes that help you to find self love and confidence.

I first started the Perfect Body Yoga Program almost two years ago, when I was on my study abroad. At the time, I was struggling with anxiety and depression that was far more severe than I realised, and it took me several months to get through the first six weeks of the program, before I became too unwell to continue.

This week, I finished the program! This time, it took me 9 weeks to get through the 8 week program, and I’ve managed to get on my mat nearly every day. I’ve come so far in my recovery journey since I first started the program, and I am so proud of that.

I am a longtime fan of Erin Motz, aka Bad Yogi – her original 30 day yoga challenge was my first foray into yoga several years ago, and I’ve never been to a live yoga class that I’ve enjoyed more than her video classes in my living room! Over the past couple of years though (between PBYP take 1 and PBYP take 2!), her classes have meant even more to me. Since my sensory processing disorder tipped me into constant sensory overload, going out to a yoga or fitness class has been an impossibility – but it hasn’t mattered one bit, because I have a wealth of Bad Yogi classes that I can do without leaving home. When I was really struggling with depression and had barely any energy, I could still do Erin’s bite-sized classes (try the “Better Than Nothing” class below – it’s only 6 minutes long!), and they always helped me to feel a little better.

This year I’ve been struggling with body image, because my antidepressants and anxiety meds have caused me to gain weight – and Bad Yogi got me through that too! PBYP is all about realising that you are perfect exactly as you are, and you are exactly where you need to be. After spending the last couple of months with Erin’s words of wisdom and kindness throughout the program, I’ve really gone from freaking out about my weight gain, to loving the skin I’m in.

I’m still mega vulnerable at the moment – but at the same time, finishing PBYP has shown me how much stronger I have become. I’m so pumped to start Tier 2!

If you’re an a yogi looking for a new challenge, or perhaps in need of some encouragement and reminding of your strength and enough-ness, I can’t recommend PBYP enough. It’s such a wonderful program, and will fill you with confidence and self-love.

If you’re new to yoga, hop on over to Erin’s youtube channel and give some of her classes a try! She has so many free classes available and they are all amazing. Here are some of my faves!


  1. MadsFan93 says:

    Ahh thanks for the recommendations Sarah! I’m so glad you’ve had a friendly yoga friend to help you on your journey 🙂

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