A tiny Matakana adventure.

At the moment, I’m a little bit housebound. I’ve just come out of a year and a half of struggling with severe depression and anxiety, and I recently found out that this was caused by Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition (that I didn’t know I had!) where the brain has trouble in correctly interpreting and responding to sensory information. As a result, right now I’m in constant sensory overload. My mental health has improved so much, but because everything got so bad, my senses are stuck at breaking point. So if I’m in an environment with even slightly more sensory input than I can handle (for example, more than a few people in the room, street noise, a breeze in my face and other totally normal things) it’s enough to tip me into a full sensory meltdown or shutdown. This means that if I’m at home doing my own thing, I’m almost back to my regular self – but almost every time I go out, things turn to custard!

The plus of this situation is that I have time for ALLLL the creative projects, but the negative is that I’m pretty much stuck at home. So to get me out of the four walls a bit, Mum and I are trying to take tiny, tiny adventures to quiet, manageable places.

Last week we went to Matakana, which is a super pretty village not far from where we live, and we visited the new chocolate shop there, Honest Chocolat. They make the chocolate from bean to bar, and it’s Fairtrade, which I’m very excited about! Their chocolates are so beautiful, they have the most gorgeous Easter eggs I’ve ever seen, AND they have a raffle on at the moment to raise money for the New Zealand mental health foundation! Could they be any cooler?!

It was a lovely little outing, and just what I needed after a tricky few days!

  1. Soly says:

    My God those chocolates! What have you done?! (Now I have to go spend a bunch of money in Matakana next time we’re heading North). 😛 Love ur writing as always Sarah <3

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